Week 2 Handout

As promised, here is the handout from yesterday’s class in Fremont. It looks much better in full color. Here’s what each page has:

Page 1: The “Schematic Scavenger Hunt”. We did the first three rows, from resistors to capacitors. We’ll learn about the rest next week.

Page 2: Technician test diagrams. These are the three figures that appear on the test. The questions are generally worded like “What is component 6 in figure T2?”. (Bonus points if you comment back and tell me the answer)

Page 3: Resistor color code reference + handy way to identify transistors. We didn’t talk about transistors yet; we’ll cover that next week.

Page 4: A nice collection of electronics symbols courtesy of Sparkfun.

Week 2 Electronics Handout

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