“What is your location?”

QTH is an APRS client application exclusively for the macOS platform.

Major Features

  • Easy map navigation
  • Supports connecting via:
    • Audio Modem – Use the internal Mac sound card
    • Serial KISS TNC
    • APRS-IS
    • AGWPE – exists, but buggy
  • GPS Connections
    • Bluetooth GPS
    • Uses macOS Locations Services in the absence of a GPS
  • Support for drawing APRS shapes directly on the map
  • Mapping APRS position reports, objects, etc
    • APRS symbols
    • Graphical display of speed and direction
    • Tactical callsigns
    • Station paths, including dead reckoning
    • Telemetry graphs
  • APRS timeline
    • Go back in time and see where things were at a certain time
  • Special weather station display, including wind barbs and temperature colors
  • Location beaconing
    • SmartBeaconing
  • Instant Messaging
    • Store favorite ham radio contacts in the Apple Addressbook
  • Alerts
    • Integrated with macOS notification center
    • Custom matching rules
  • Logs packets to database

Planned Features

  • Comprehensive help system
  • Offline maps
  • Map grids; MGRS, Civil Air Patrol, Maidenhead
  • Other types of maps, topographical, OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMaps, etc
  • APRS Queries
  • Multilingual support – Supports English now. French later. Other languages as I have help.
  • Simple digipeater support
  • Spoken voice alerts
  • Rig control for tuning to frequency objects
  • Local data sharing with other QTH instances on LAN – Intended for operations rooms
  • Search and Rescue features
  • Applescript (Automator) support

What It Won’t Do

  • Collect data from weather stations. Check out WeeWX for this.
  • Act as a dedicated IGate or Digipeater. Better solutions exist for this.


At the moment, QTH is in beta testing, and is only available to volunteers in the beta test program. Please email me at wbustraan@gmail.com if you are interested in helping out as a beta tester.

Once released, I will be going with a “freemium” pricing model. QTH will be free to receive APRS traffic. The transmit functions will require a software license. This serves a couple purposes: It allows verification that the person transmitting holds a valid amateur radio callsign and it puts a few dollars in my pocket. My current thinking is that the price will be somewhere around the $30 mark.