QTH.app Changelog


  • Fixed bug when parsing SSIDs received over an AX.25 connection with a 2 digit SSID
  • Weather stations that send Peet reports should now properly show up as a weather station in the info panel
  • Increased font size on info panels from “System Small” to “System Regular”
  • Stations that beacon non-position packets, like telemetry, are now visible in the station list even if they cannot be placed on the map #78
  • Fixed issue where message ack processing was using the recipient instead of the sender to find the correct message to ack
  • Fixed issue where duplicate messages were being sent due to reply-ack processing #82
  • Provided a different default value for the QRU distance preference for metric users #81
  • Mobilinkd connections will now turn off the verbose setting when starting the connection. According to the Rob, having verbose logging on “will reduce the TNC’s ability to decode”


  • Fixed bug in decoding longitude in certain Mic-E packets
  • Implemented a Setup Assistant to help new users set up QTH for the first time. It will be shown on startup when no connections have been configured. It can also be found on the Help menu
  • Set the default symbol to /M – The Apple logo originally created for MacAPRS
  • An attempt to send a beacon without a symbol selected will now fail
  • Decreased the logging level for errors that occur when loading packets from the database


  • Fixed a crash on macOS 10.14 when displaying a user notification. A new API was introduced in 10.14, but one of the notification properties was not introduced until 10.15 #76
  • Fixed negative speed coming in from core location
  • Fixed the map extents filter; the filter commands were missing the EOL characters
  • Added a crosshair location picker to both the APRS-IS range filter and the manual beacon location in Preferences. Instead of entering the coordinates manually, you can click the crosshairs button and choose the location using the map.


  • Fixed APRS-IS filter field sizes in Big Sur #65 #73
  • Silenced warnings about accessing CLLocationManager.location before it is ready in Big Sur
  • Changed toolbar items to automatic width to silence Big Sur warnings
  • Fixed malformed compressed packets when the last byte in the base91 sequence happened to be zero
  • APRS-IS connections should now react properly to toggling on the transmit flag
  • Reduced BeaconManager debug logging
  • Coordinate parsing is now even more lenient. Hopefully it will recognize anything that even remotely looks like a latitude/longitude pair. A comma separator is accepted, but no longer required. Commas as decimal separators are now accepted. The cardinal directions are not localized yet, so continue to use NSEW, rather than NSOW (de), NSEO (fr) #69 #66
  • Add a numbers-only formatter to the SSID field(s) to prevent someone from entering “-9”
  • Added a Map Type to the View menu to switch the map view type


  • When autostarting an APRS-IS connection with a map extents filter, it will now wait until the map is initialized before connecting so that the filter is set correctly
  • Setting SO_KEEPALIVE on sockets to hopefully speed up the detection of servers that have closed the connection
  • Auto-reconnect is now implemented for APRS-IS connections. It will retry exponential backoff. i.e. 1s, 2s, 4s, 8.. up to 32s before failing
  • Now detects network reachability. Will immediately disconnect if the network disappears and reconnect when it comes back, if auto reconnect is enabled
  • Default filter for new APRS-IS connections is now map extents, instead of a “my range filter”, since unlicensed users can’t send their position
  • Added callsign and ssid to APRS-IS config to accommodate unlicensed users and licensed users that want to use a different callsign for the connection
  • Added T2 server list to APRS-IS connection config
  • Fixed timeline date label in dark mode #75
  • The main map now remembers the map region when you shut down and restores it when you start back up


  • Callsign on main window changes when changed in preferences #71
  • Password field in license file chooser has a much larger margin and now will not let you choose a file without entering a password #70
  • Removed broken link on help file welcome page #72
  • Added a # before the filter update; still servers seem to be ignoring it
  • Attempting to get the distance filter box to stay at the proper width. Big Sur sometimes ignores all sizing information I provide
  • Hardcoded the decimal separator to “.” until I figure the right way to parse commas as decimal separators


  • Changed default alert to look for “!EMERGENCY!” rather than “EMERGENCY” in comments
  • Increased the size of the add/remove buttons on the connections window
  • Added code to guard against malformed messages
  • Attempting to fix a High Sierra crash
  • More help file contents
  • Fixed description on symbols in symbol picker
  • Invalid symbols are now hidden in symbol picker