Advanced Settings

There are a few settings that can be adjusted in but do not appear in the user interface. The assumption is that the defaults should satisfy most users and only the more expert users might have a need to tinker with these settings.

To modify these settings, you can use the defaults command in

defaults write com.w8wjb.QTH [key] [value]

For keys that represent types other than strings, you should include the type, such as:

defaults write com.w8wjb.QTH aprs-object-tx-base-delay -float 15

In order to reset a value back to its default value, use the delete command:

defaults delete com.w8wjb.QTH [key]

For example:

defaults delete com.w8wjb.QTH history-purge-time
Key Type Default Description
aprs-object-tx-base-delay float 15 Seconds. Objects are transmitted at a decaying rate. This number is multiplied by subsequent powers of 2
default-track-color string #0000FF Color specified in hex. Tracks will be displayed in this color. Different colors may be specified for individual stations.
max-track-interval-distance float 111044.736 Meters. If subsequent reported positions for a station exceed this value, a new track segment will be created. Default is roughly the distance, in meters, between 1 degree of latitude/longitude
max-track-interval-time float 2700 Seconds. The maximum amount of time that can elapse between station position reports before a new track segment will be created. Default is 45 minutes.
msg-max-retries int 3 The number of times to attempt to send a message before failing
station-ghosting-time float 5400 Age, in seconds, a station must be before it is ghosted on the map
station-clear-time float 10800 Age, in seconds, a station must be before it is no longer shown on the map
history-purge-time float 172800 Age, in seconds, when packet history is purged from the database. Older packets are automatically purged from the database. Default is 2 days. See Favorites for exceptions.