The Timeline has two modes, ‘historical’ mode and ‘live’ mode. Most users will use QTH.app in almost exclusively in ‘live’ mode, where packets are displayed on the map as they are recieved and the map is always up to date.

However, the Timeline was designed to answer questions such as “where was a certain mobile station an hour ago?”

To switch to shapshot mode, click the Live button to turn off live mode. This will enable the Timeline slider and place a red marker at the selected time. You may slide the timeline to select the time you are interested in. For whatever time you select, QTH.app will go back in history and replay packets in the order that they were received up until the selected time in order to show what the map looked like at that moment.

The ▶ button will start the playing the timeline forward at a rate of roughly 10 playback seconds for every realtime seconds. With this feature, you can watch a station move along its path.

To go back to Live mode again, click the Live button to turn it back on.