Info Panel

The information panel on the left has several different modes that it uses to display information, depending on what is selected on the main map.

Local Station

If nothing is selected on the map, the info panel will display information about your local station.

mobile station panel

Note: In the absence of an external GPS unit, QTH will use Mac OS Core Location Services. Unlike iOS, a MacBook does not contain a GPS, so it will use IP Geolocation to estimate your location. With this estimated location, it is unlikely that the speed and heading will be non-zero.

GPS Sky View

If you have an active GPS Connnection that supports the NMEA protocol, a Sky View plot will appear. This is a polar plot with the satelites plotted at their azimuth and elevation in relation to the GPS reveiver.

satellite position

Satellite numbers are placed in the colored circles. The color of the circle indicates the signal strength:

The middle of the sky view plot contains and indicator of the GPS fix quality:

Selected Station

When a station is selected on the map, its details will appear in the info panel.

mobile station panel

Weather Station

mobile station panel

Weather History Graphs

QTH stores a history of the reports received from a weather station and presents the data as 4 graphs over time:

  1. Temperature
  2. Barometric Pressure
  3. Humidity
  4. Rainfall

These graphs can be scrolled left and right to see more history.

mobile station panel