Message Groups

In the upper left of the Messages window, you will find a list of message croups. For bulletins that are sent everyone, you may select the “Bulletins” group to see these bulletins in the right pane.

As messages addressed to a specific group come in, new groups will appear under the Bulletins row. The row can be expanded and contracted using the disclosure triangle on the left.

To create a new group in preparation to transmit a bulletin to it, right click the Bulletins row and choose New Group. You will be prompted for the short identifier for the group.

To clear all the messages in a group, right click the group name in the list and choose Clear Group.

CQ Group

Messages that come in to this section have their Addressee field set to ‘ALL’, ‘QST’ or ‘CQ’. These are stations that are seeking to start a conversation.


The Monitor section is a special section that displays all message traffic regardless of addressee.