Main Map

Map Window

The search bar will accept several different types of input:

Selecting Stations

Clicking a station on the map will display a popup tooltip and display the station’s details in the side panel.

If station symbols overlap, clicking multiple times in the same location will cycle through the station symbols under the mouse.

To deselect the station, click on the map where there is no station.

Station Display

Most stations are marked by a symbol on the map. Some stations contain data that can be displayed in a special way on the map:

Symbol Orientation

For stations that report a heading, the symbol will be oriented such that it points in the direction of the heading

Range Circles

Some stations report their range in a couple different ways. For these stations, when they are selected on the map, a circle or cardiod shape will be overlayed on the map to show the approximate range.

If you would like to see the range circles for all visible stations on the map, the can be toggled on and off with ViewRange Circles.

Dead Reckoning

For stations that have reported a speed and course, QTH will draw a line ahead of the station to estimate where the station might be, given the time that has elapsed since it last communicated its position.

Weather Station Temperature and Wind Barbs

Wherever possible, weather stations are displayed with the reported temperature in a colored circle with an associated wind barb.

The wind barb will point in the direction that the wind is coming from.

The wind speed will be represented by one or more ‘flags’ attached to the barb.